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Food allergy quiz

Many people face significant risks due to food allergies, which can trigger severe reactions. If you’re involved in any aspect of food service—whether it’s preparation, production, or serving—it’s important to know how to recognise and handle food allergens to protect your customers’ health.

We’ve put together a quiz on food allergies aimed at increasing your awareness and understanding of allergies, the dangers they pose and the role of food hygiene in preventing allergic reactions.

Are you prepared to challenge your understanding of food allergies? Take our quiz to measure your knowledge levels and create a safer dining environment.

Image of key food allergen foods


Food Allergy Quiz

Interested in our Food Allergen Awareness Training?

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in food allergies beyond our food allergy quiz, you should consider our online Food Allergen Awareness Training. This training provides knowledge on identifying common allergens, recognising symptoms of allergic reactions and understanding the risks of cross-contamination. It also teaches the importance of accurate food labels, effective communication strategies to inform customers of potential allergens and the safe management of food preparation to cater to allergy-specific needs. Upon completion, you’ll be able to immediately download a training certificate that can be verified should an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) pay you a visit. Simply utilise our verification tool to confirm that your certificate has been issued by an accredited training provider.

Contact our friendly customer support team who are always ready to discuss your food hygiene training options.

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